About us


This association was founded primarily to serve the needs of interpreters - translators, rare languages, employed in Greece for years by various public and private entities, without providing them with any security or guarantee for their professional future nor any of their official recognition. By recognition, we mean the lack of education framework, further training and certification by the Greek State.

The vast majority of these professionals remain virtually unchanged at the level of their professional knowledge, without further training or relevant seminars i.e. technical interpretation and their own development based on their experience on the subject of their work. In previous years, due to the indifference of the Greek State on this issue, some NGOs have independently tried to certify interpreters and skilled translators in their own informal setting, to certify interpreters and skilled translators by offering them a home not as comprehensive training, tying them in exclusive work. 

Also, the interpreter - translator industry and rare languages, faces problems concerning labor rights. These have to do both with the failure to secure the stable employment by the Greek State and with the non-solvency demonstration of the State at the level of its financial obligations, therefore remaining engaged in too many government agencies such as the Greek Police, the Coast, the Criminal and Administrative Courts, First Reception Centers etc. Whereas Immigrants, have shown responsibility and diligence obligations undertaken, the State has not shown the same responsible attitude towards them. As a result, interferers lack a legal framework that could facilitate their work to recognize their will officially. This could endanger the attribution of labor privileges.


Distinguishing all these problems facing our industry, we, the interpreters - translators of rare languages, have taken the initiative to create this association. On January 10th of the year 2016, we established our association with the name "GREEK UNION OF INTERPRETERS TRANSLATORS - RARE LANGUAGES / EL.EN.DI.ME.SG", whose objectives are the following:

A) Working with each responsible institution for training and continuing education and training of our members.

B) Cooperation with each responsible institution for official recognition of professional qualification of our members.

C) The legal professional rights of our members.

D) The study, protection, defense and promotion of the economic and professional interests of its members, the tightening of links and the strengthening of solidarity among its members, and the development of relationships with those Unions and Associations of Greece and abroad.

E) The creation of a register for professional members.

Greek union interpreters.translators for rare languages

 « ΕΛ.ΕΝ.ΔΙ.ΜΕ.ΣΓ.».